IGNITE 3000 Model



  • Compact all-in-one design: Easily Movable : The machine is mounted on a wheel based water-cooling unit which provides mobility. Easy for line relocation.
  • Single Body, “on conveyor” mounting system.
  • Front panel with easy to use membrane switches.
  • Standard: 300 mm
  • Special: As required by the customer
  • The conveyor stops in certain predefined conditions such as:
    • No Bottle
    • Sealing Off
    • Bottle Jam
  • Over Voltage
  • Over Current
  • Spike & Surge
  • Over Temperature cut off

No effect of voltage fluctuations: Sigma – III is designed to operate with variation in mains input voltage from 170 V to 300 V AC.


This Drive helps in online reading of the height of the coil and can provide consistent results and readings while induction sealing. This feature facilitates quick set up. No tools required.

This system has many optional value added accessories like:-

  • No Foil Detector
  • Auto Stop system
  • Auto Start system
  • Bottle Jamming detector
  • Total production/ bottle counter
  • Conveyor Stop system
  • Automatic Rejection System / Pneumatic Rejection System for “No Foil Caps”

All monitoring systems can be turned ON and OFF and operate independently from the rest
* Accessories are optional & not included in the standard scope of supply.