Manual Induction Cap Sealing Machine

Manual Induction Cap Sealing Machine

R.Technologies new IGNITE HH offers an unprecedented combination of sealing capability, portability, and production flexibility from an incredibly small. How small? At 4″ x 14″ x 12″ (100mm x 360mm x 300mm), it seals everything from the smallest closures to 120 mm wide-mouth containers.

The IGNITE HH. offers packagers premium flexibility and portability. This induction sealer is ideal for laboratory applications, manual or hand held production, off-line testing; and start-up operations with aspirations of increased productivity.

An operator friendly display completes this powerful hand held induction cap sealer. Users will benefit from a digital sealing timer.

When you need to transport or store the IGNITE HH simply pack it into its convenient carrying case. This unit does not require water or special power so it can be used virtually anywhere. The IGNITE HH is extremely simple to handle, carry and operate and is the perfect answer to your portable induction sealing needs.

Plug the system into a standard wall power outlet and it is ready to operate. Set the power level and the timer to the number of seconds the container requires for a strong and secure seal. To seal, simply place the sealing head on the container’s cap and press the trigger on the handle of the sealing head. The timer counts down to zero as power is applied into the cap to form the seal. Check the first few containers for seal quality. Adjust power and time until a firm, once the correct settings are reached, seals will be secure and consistent.

  • Advanced circuitry and R.Technologies well-proven and ultra-reliable sealing head design
  • Maximum sealing power
  • Standard sealing head seals cap diameters up to 83mm, with available sealing head capable of sealing cap diameters up to 120mm (specialty sealing heads available)
  • Digital timer to ensure accurate sealing
  • Easy hand held design
  • Carrying case for portable convenience