Semi Automatic Ignite 500 Induction Sealing Machine


The IGNITE TT is designed for packagers who require a semi-automatic sealing process with low production volumes. The tabletop IGNITE TT is compact and ideal for production environments where a bottle conveyor is not practical. Built-in guides ensure operators properly line-up containers for sealing. A digital timer lets the operator know when the sealing process is completed.

Easy setup

Just adjust unit height to container height, set V- brackets assembly to properly align cap with centering mark on base, and set timer for necessary sealing time

Simple operation

Slide a container into the alignment V- brackets assembly; container is precisely positioned for proper sealing and set timer is automatically applied.

Digital timer

Provides precise timing from 0.1 to 9.9 seconds.

Advanced IGBT circuitry

Delivers high efficiency sealing power and long term reliability

No cooling water required

Completely air-cooled/water-less operation. Seal a wide range of containers & closures The IGNITE TT seals closures up to 100mm cap

Continuous Use

This Machine can be used continuously for 24 hr production.

Fast easy setup.