Mini Sealing Machine

Mini Sealing Machine

The sealing of a packet, a cup, glass, or box with a foil sealing machine by R Technologies has become an easy operation. It is a mini device with a weight of approx. 60kg and efficiently operates to screen packages and avoid external spills.

The equipment can screen objects up to 100 mm in diameter with 230v powers in it. The notion of screwdrivers is pretty straightforward and effective. It is beneficial in the mouth sealing with a fine layer of aluminum foil glasses, bottles, jars, and boxes. It prevents interior dampness and damages the contents. It also eliminates leakage and spillage during delivery.

The machine speed depends on the rate and efficiency of the manufacturer as the foil sealer is operated manually.

Since 2003, R Technologies manufactures supplies high-quality packaging goods to businesses in various sectors. The firm seeks to assist companies in decreasing production costs without jeopardizing product quality.

Foil Sealing Machine may be utilized in various businesses, from the pharmaceutical sector to textiles to automobiles and many others. Please take advantage of its cost-effective rates.

Specification Value
Model No. JS100
Power 230v/50Hz – 500 w
Sealing Diameter mm Upto 100
Dimension in mm (Length*Width*Height) 560*250*650
Weight 15 kg approx
  • Advanced circuitry and R.Technologies well-proven and ultra-reliable sealing head design
  • Maximum sealing power
  • Standard sealing head seals cap diameters up to 83mm, with available sealing head capable of sealing cap diameters up to 120mm (specialty sealing heads available)
  • Digital timer to ensure accurate sealing
  • Easy hand held design
  • Carrying case for portable convenience