Induction Cap Sealing in Food Industry

R Technologies offers materials for food enterprises that employ PET, PP, or PE and glass containers. Our Induction Cap Sealing Products also offers food package sealing services. As a result, we have the supplies necessary for food enterprises to profit from induction sealing.

Cap Sealing Products works with materials that are acceptable for food content in 90% of the cases. As a result, all of these materials meet Indian health regulations for items in contact with food.

Cap Sealing Products also provides products for food companies that employ PET, PP, or PE containers. We also offer material that is appropriate for businesses that package their products in glass containers.

Because the firm is aware that some of these materials include organic components, it has begun to advertise products with a ventilation system. Ventilation of the contents avoids container deformation in this sector.

Cap Sealing Products, goal is to provide induction liners that exactly match the closure mechanism comprised of the stopper and mouth of each customer’s container in order to reap the benefits of induction sealing.

The most notable advantages of induction sealing in food products are:

  • Tightness, which allows the packer to export the product without risk of leakage.
  • Airtightness, which helps the product’s freshness to be maintained.
  • Evidence of non-opening, which provides the consumer with safety and high-quality guarantees.

Cap Sealing Products: 15 years of Induction Sealing

R Technologies sells induction cap sealers for any product or container to companies operating In India and worldwide.

On the fifteenth anniversary of its founding, Cap Sealing Products -R Technologies- continues its adventure in the packaging sector, specializing in container closure using the induction sealing system. R Technologies has a large selection of induction liners.

R Technologies has been marketing induction sealing products for 15 years, including automated induction sealers, manual induction sealers, and consumables of various varieties and sizes for any product or container type.

15 years of experience providing services to the food, cosmetic, chemical, and pharmaceutical firms in India and Global. Working with SMEs to enhance safety and the quality of their products.

One of the secrets to the company’s success is CSP’s ability to modify and personalize the kind of induction sealing to each customer. This is only feasible because of my 15 years of expertise in this industry.

R Technologies retains the commercial flexibility with which it was born 15 years later, offering a wide range of materials for the sealing of any container, as well as a wide range of possibilities for customizing the product, either through dimension and form or individualized printings on the consumables.

The process of sealing induction packaging in R Technologies

We have the most up-to-date induction technology machinery within our facilities at R Technologies. We use the best materials to produce quality barriers and operate in a fully equipped area known as a “clean room.” We create personalized and one-of-a-kind designs.

We provide the coverings in a bag and box to assist their swift and secure transportation and subsequent storage. The packing procedure concludes at the customer’s location. The client employs induction machinery during the production process to seal the operculum to the container previously put under the cap. The container is hermetically sealed after the procedure is completed. In this way, the product is marketed, keeping intact the properties of the contents of the package.

R Technologies is your dependable induction cap sealing partner.

The trend of induction sealing in sports supplements

This sturdy, flexible, and hermetic sealing method ensures the integrity of nutritional supplements, which are often offered as a powder.

Sport is becoming more popular, and it is normal to utilize nutritional supplements to improve performance. This is one of the industries that use induction sealing for its goods.

The majority of items sold are powdered, and no solution could ensure the product’s quality after packaging and transportation. The induction sealing procedure allows containers to be firmly sealed and protected from:

  • Leaks
  • Oxidation
  • Handling

 As a consequence, the product is safe to consume and in perfect condition. Large sports nutrition firms, among others, employ induction sealing technology to ensure the quality of their products.

The induction sealing procedure is based on a metal disc (often tailored by each manufacturer) that seals the container’s neck robustly, flexible, and hermetic manner.

Some advantages of the Induction Sealing procedure

  • Because of its strong seal, it prevents leakage.
  • Longer expiration: this technique stops the product from oxidizing.
  • Manipulation of evidence: if the product has been opened, this can be easily demonstrated.
  • Improve the brand’s image: metal discs may be personalized with messages or emblems of the company.

Induction sealing is rapidly employed in various industries, particularly food and drinks, cosmetics, and chemicals.

Contact us regardless of your industry, and we will tell you of all the options for sealing your product or extra information in the operculum of your product!


Corporate logo on liners, an option for brand advertising

The R Technology’s induction cap sealing service lets you print your logo, discount coupons, promotions, instructions, or safety messages on the liners.

Working on your company’s best visual identity is critical for your branding strategy to affect potential consumers and establish a compelling picture in the consumer’s head. Even though the trend is becoming digital, conventional printed media should not be overlooked.

This is where Cap Sealing Products, R Technologies container induction sealing service comes in, allowing the corporate logo to be printed on the liner during the sealing process. As a result, when the customer removes the container seal and concentrates his gaze on the liner before finally opening the goods, it becomes a key communication point for the brand.

Furthermore, because induction sealing can be applied to many items, businesses from all industries may profit from this current brand image before the buyer samples the product.

Aside from the marketing above incentives, the following are some of the ways induction sealing in packaging may help to transmit messages to consumers:

  • Discount coupons: Assume you want to retain and reward your clients, so they continue to buy your items. One approach to accomplish this is to provide an extra discount on the container’s liner so that only individuals who have previously purchased the goods may benefit from the deal.
  • Recipes: Liners can feature recipes or sections of labels with the product’s nutrient content, which is most common in the food industry.
  • Games and quizzes
  • Directions: The liner can offer information and instructions for removing it using a simple icon from the container.
  • Promotional offers
  • Safety Measures: Liners in cleaning products that are dangerous to children may have safety statements to inform customers.

Contact us regardless of your industrial sector, and we will inform you of all the options we have for printing your logo or extra information on the liner of your product.