This sturdy, flexible, and hermetic sealing method ensures the integrity of nutritional supplements, which are often offered as a powder.

Sport is becoming more popular, and it is normal to utilize nutritional supplements to improve performance. This is one of the industries that use induction sealing for its goods.

The majority of items sold are powdered, and no solution could ensure the product’s quality after packaging and transportation. The induction sealing procedure allows containers to be firmly sealed and protected from:

  • Leaks
  • Oxidation
  • Handling

 As a consequence, the product is safe to consume and in perfect condition. Large sports nutrition firms, among others, employ induction sealing technology to ensure the quality of their products.

The induction sealing procedure is based on a metal disc (often tailored by each manufacturer) that seals the container’s neck robustly, flexible, and hermetic manner.

Some advantages of the Induction Sealing procedure

  • Because of its strong seal, it prevents leakage.
  • Longer expiration: this technique stops the product from oxidizing.
  • Manipulation of evidence: if the product has been opened, this can be easily demonstrated.
  • Improve the brand’s image: metal discs may be personalized with messages or emblems of the company.

Induction sealing is rapidly employed in various industries, particularly food and drinks, cosmetics, and chemicals.

Contact us regardless of your industry, and we will tell you of all the options for sealing your product or extra information in the operculum of your product!


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