Bottle Cappers and Caps Tighteners

R Technologies specialise in capping machines and cap feeding systems. Our Capping machines are designed for sealing all types of Bottles and Containers and Jars for pharmaceutical, Ayurvedic, Nutraceutical, Dairy, Juice, chemical, Foods, Edible Oil Lubricant Oil and many more.

What are Caps, and why is Capping Machine necessary?

Capping machines, tighteners are used for Sealing the filled bottles, containers, Jars and related. Caps are mechanisms for closing a container. Caps avoid product leakage, contamination of product, increase the product’s shelf life, and prevent tampering.

There is a wide variety of methods, techniques and equipment used for sealing the various kinds of packaged items, and the containers they complete are distinct.

Sealing and capping play a significant part in the optimum packaging of products. The product is protected by various caps and seals when a suitable capping procedure is employed, providing product safety, quality and efficiency.

The selection of a correct capping machine is considered on following basis:

  • Cap Type: Cap types are essential requirements when selecting cappers (I.e., OPP capper cannot cap Screw caps)
  • Container Type: Various forms and sizes of bottles of glass and jars, plastic bottles and cartons, metal bottles, bottles, ampoules, tubes, etc.
  • Speed requirement: the rate is the number of parts per minute produced by the capper. Slow, semi-automatic, fully automated manual operation
  • Feeding System for Cap and Containers: The machine design and specifications are modified according to the feeding system (It may be a manual, fully automatic bowl or elevator system)
  • Torque Requirement: High reproducibility of torque.
  • Operation Installation Cost
  • Skilled and unqualified machine operators’ availability
  • Available Budget
  • Capping Head: Different Types of Capping heads / Chucks are required to seal other types of caps. It is made from self-lubricating Nylon and is surprisingly strong.

 R Technologies Serves Three Types of basic types of equipment:

  • Automatic Capping Machine
  • Semi-Automatic Capping Machine
  • Automatic Induction Cap Sealing Machine


Semi-automatic capping machines are fantastic for the consistency and ease of use of slight to medium-sized bottling processes.

When fitting in the required workplace, it is highly adaptable. Its flexible nature makes the filling machine or cap feeder easy to install.

Features of the capping machine:

  • Unique top machine for a tiny performance
  • Consumption of low power
  • Compact and flexible device Matt body completed S.S.
  • Suitable for multiple capping, with various changing components and sealing head switching.

The machine may also be linked with the induction sealing and visual inspection machine Filling.

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