The R Technology’s induction cap sealing service lets you print your logo, discount coupons, promotions, instructions, or safety messages on the liners.

Working on your company’s best visual identity is critical for your branding strategy to affect potential consumers and establish a compelling picture in the consumer’s head. Even though the trend is becoming digital, conventional printed media should not be overlooked.

This is where Cap Sealing Products, R Technologies container induction sealing service comes in, allowing the corporate logo to be printed on the liner during the sealing process. As a result, when the customer removes the container seal and concentrates his gaze on the liner before finally opening the goods, it becomes a key communication point for the brand.

Furthermore, because induction sealing can be applied to many items, businesses from all industries may profit from this current brand image before the buyer samples the product.

Aside from the marketing above incentives, the following are some of the ways induction sealing in packaging may help to transmit messages to consumers:

  • Discount coupons: Assume you want to retain and reward your clients, so they continue to buy your items. One approach to accomplish this is to provide an extra discount on the container’s liner so that only individuals who have previously purchased the goods may benefit from the deal.
  • Recipes: Liners can feature recipes or sections of labels with the product’s nutrient content, which is most common in the food industry.
  • Games and quizzes
  • Directions: The liner can offer information and instructions for removing it using a simple icon from the container.
  • Promotional offers
  • Safety Measures: Liners in cleaning products that are dangerous to children may have safety statements to inform customers.

Contact us regardless of your industrial sector, and we will inform you of all the options we have for printing your logo or extra information on the liner of your product.

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